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a short story by Marina Moldovan, designer and founder of Skin Deep


We all know how this song goes and quoting Salt'N'Pepa is fun, but I have to clarify one thing: for me "sex" is just another word for creative processAnd since I never get bored of talking about my brand and work, a friend of mine, editor for a famous magazine asked me some questions about it.

I answered, here:


Who are you? 

I'm Marina and am proud to say I am looking for my fifteen minutes of fame every day. In reality I design jewellery and take care of Skin Deep.

How did you get into design? 

By coincidence. I actually wanted to study something completely different (not to be named here) when I met one of my future uni teachers at a garden party. Knowing all about my creative family genes, she insisted I should start with design. During uni years I grew a passion for fashion design which later on turned into a business.

What personal feature of yourself do you feel is most integrated in the products of your design?

Something that people name randomness, I call spontaneity. The freshness of the superficial thoughts and impulses turned to everlasting objects. Most of my friends and customers love this trait of mine of making everything seem possible.

Are there some rules you always follow when you start a project?

Definitely. I can't be productive without building a work structure. I give myself a day to let ideas flow in. Afterwards I do some research and try to make sure I am in-line with the trends. Sketching comes only a few days later after my ideas had enough time to rest. Even afterwards I can change my mind and replace parts of the concept. It needs to feel right. If it doesn't feel right it has no success rate.

When and why did you start your brand?

To be very precise, Skin Deep was born in 2015 out of the need to create freely, to make some sort of superficial art objects, but 100% functional.

How is your brand different from others on the market? 

Over the years I had a lot of high-end merch projects -- collaborations with big companies which needed pieces created by me for giveaways or special occasions. Targeted capsule collections, partnerships with other brands and intricate customisations options, have always been important selling points.

Now, along with the re-location and re-branding came Skin Deep Custom:

customers' opportunity to be a part of the design process from step one all the way to delivery.

famous-pt shop.jpg

How is your customer involved in the design process? 

When they decide to go for cutom-made, they have the option to contact us, either here in the Custom Made section, via e-mail, or by direct messaging us on Whatsapp. The cutest thing, we created a personality quiz for those who are not sure what they want. Once filled and sent, they can book a vitrual appointment in which I will guide them through the whole process, as well as consult on matters such as style, materials and colors.

The production team, as well as I, will constantly keep them posted on how it's being made. Where we got the materials, production secrets, delivery statuses etc.

What is the coolest feedback you received from a Skin Deep customer?

"I never took it off. Not in the shower, not at work and not even when sleeping alone or with my boyfriend ;)"​




Quoting Salt'N'Pepa is always fun, but I have to clarify one thing: "sex" is just another word for creative processAnd since I never get bored of talking about my brand and work, a friend of mine, editor for a famous magazine asked me some more questions about it. I answered.

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Our gems travel everywhere. This time to lovely Diana Boier, in Barcelona. Edgy, fresh and young, Happy Capsule collection as seen by her in an insta-editorial on the world wide web.

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