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This website is handled by Skin Deep. On this information page, we will use the term “Customisation Service” which refers only to customisation services we offer.

All information and services we provide you, conditioned upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions, are stated here. These terms particularly apply to the users of this specific customisation service. By using this service you agree on the terms and conditions stated below. 


Please read them before engaging in the use of the customisation services. If you do not agree to all of them, you may not be able to use the services. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of the Terms of Customisation Service by posting updates and/or changes to our website.


It is your responsibility to periodically check this page for changes.


If you continue to use or access the website following any changes you agree on those changes. We will also make sure to announce them in special newsletters or on our social media platforms. 


All our pieces are fairly manufactured in Romania, US or Austria.



We advise you to start placing a request by either filling in the order form on our website, or writing us directly at If you are in a hurry, feel free to use our business WhatsApp

number +40745 386 367. We kindly ask you to not abuse this line.  

We have also created a quiz to help us better understand your personality and your aesthetic views. It is optional and you can find it embedded in the Order Form page.

After placing this request, and/or filling in the quiz, one of our customer service colleagues will contact

you to confirm it and connect you to the designer for starting the process. Depending on your request,

we will either schedule a video call or simply continue in writing. This process takes about 24-48 hours.


This step is necessary to better understand you, your creative view and taste. 

You may choose to skip this step but we highly recommend not to. It usually takes up to 1,5 hours, of which the first hour is free.* It is a great experience, you’ll see.
* first hour of consultancy if free only on your first order ever.

Once we’ve established the design, our creative mind will need up to 5 working days to sketch your desired jewellery (depending on the amount of work they are loaded with). A drawing or a 3D simulation, it should reach you in the following work week.



As soon as you agreed on the final design, (which includes 1 correction) the sketch will be sent to production. Depending on the desired material, production will take as follows:


Silver — up to 10 working day manufacture time

Gold — up to 20 days manufacture time

Shipping — up to 7 working days

That brings us to a total of roughly 3 weeks for silver and over 4 weeks for gold.

Please keep this in mind when placing a custom-made order.


Very important details!


There may be the case of the production company’s setting a minimum order of 20 pieces.

That’s why sometimes, we couple more orders and then send them for manufacturing. Either way

we will try to keep it as short as possible.


We reserve the right to change the prices every few months. Every customised order requires a downpayment of 50% from the final cost. This downpayment will be invoiced in the beginning and subtracted from the final invoice.


The first hour of your first ever online workshop is free of charge. The extra calls hours will be charged

with a price of 0,5 euro/minute.

What we need from you:

1. either have a clear idea what you want or fill in the quiz

2. calculate your budget forehand

3. Deadline — keep in mind the production timeline

4. Delivery address

5. Agreeing to these terms, which will also be sent to you privately


Please keep in mind:

1. These pieces are not refundable or returnable

2. By agreeing to these terms both parties are prohibited to copy the design of the custom-made item

or re-sell it as an original design

3. SDJ reserves the right to use photographs of the custom-made item for marketing purposes only

4. Extra corrections, changes of mind are not considered free

5. Sometimes orders may take longer than expected. 

6. National and international holidays may affect the shipping and/or production time

7. All orders are ensured




In the fortunate case you will want to recycle your own jewellery.

These are the steps to follow:


Please weigh your old jewellery. If it’s enough material, you’ll have to ship it to our manufacturer. Shipping costs are covered by us. When shipping, please opt for insurance. You will be notified per e-mail regarding confirmation of shipment.



Once it reached our manufacturers, they will melt it, clean it and cast your desired piece. 

We encourage gold recycling so you benefit of a 5% discount from our profit.

For more info regarding discounts, write us at



1. Who made my jewellery?


We work with the best suppliers and manufacturers from Romania, Austria and soon, NYC. Most of them are independent workers, small business owners or free-lancers.


2. Is my jewellery sustainable?


Yes. We try to keep our production as sustainable as possible. Though we do not produce locally, we are trying to keep the environment clean, consume as less as possible and work with fair priced suppliers.


3. How can I order gifts and surprises?


You can easily log in and send us a direct message, fill in the custom-made order form or simply send us an e-mail at Don't forget to mention all the shipment information as well as the fact that it's a gift. We will keep you posted with the designing process and delivery time


4. Can I return custom-made jewellery? 


Unfortunately not. All custom-made pieces require special effort and extra time.


5. How long does it take to ship it? 


Shipment per se takes up to 5 days, depending on your region.

Production time can teke up to 30 days


6. What if I change my mind? Can I cancel?


If you placed a request for making a custom-made jewellery and have not reached the actual designing phase, it should be fine. This means 24 hours after receiving the confirmation e-mail.

If you change your mind after we’ve established the design, you will have to pay 50% of its price + the extra consultancy hours, if you took them.



7. How do I store my jewellery?


Jewellery is sensitive to humidity and air quality. Storing it in a dry place may be the best you can do. Never store more jewellery pieces in one box and remember that wearing it will change its appearence.

Buy a special jewellery cloth to clean it from time to time. We recommend storing it in one of our boxes.


8. How can I make a surprise gift?


After we have your piece ready we will make sure to ship it secretly to who you want. We’ll just need a right shipping address and contact info. You will be able to track it on the courier’s website.


9. What if I want to customise a SDJ collection piece?


Just let us know in an e-mail or leave us a message on our WhatsApp business number and we make it happen. If you cant to set up a meeting, same rules apply.


10. I didn’t receive my order


When your order leaves our studio you’ll receive an email with your tracking number and a link through which to check the status of your order and the courier name. If the information has not been updated, check again after 24 hours to allow the courier to remotely manage your shipment.



Silver items will be charged as follows:


pendant design - € 100 - 250 depending on the complexity

silver chain - € 25

manufacturing - € 50 - 70 depending on the complexity

packaging - € 3

shipping - € 20 European Union, € 25+ worldwide



Gold items will be charged as follows*:


pendant design - € 120 - 250 depending on the complexity

material - € 30 - 100 depending on the weight

gold chain - € 120 - 140

3D design if necessary - up to € 200

manufacturing - € 80 -100 depending on the complexity

packaging - € 3

shipping - € 20 European Union, € 25+ worldwide

No consultancy fees will be applied there.

*An estimate of the final price will be communicated to the customer  prior to the final order.

All pre-existing items, e.g. wedding bands, engagement rings, rings in general which are made to measure will not be charged by this scheme. 


Taking the quiz is completely optional, but it helps us understand your personality in order to create the perfect piece. 

Privacy Policy

This is a safe environment. We promise not to use the data you will list here for any other purposes than mentioned. We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing complete transparency. 



What personal data do we collect about you?


In this particular case we collect personal data from you when you provide it to us directly and through your use of this quiz. This information may include: Information you provide to us when you register (your name, contact details, gender, and any information which you add by answering these questions). All this information will not be used for any commercial purposes.



What do we use this personal data for?


Your personal information will be used exclusively to personalise your order and to help you in choosing the best design.

Sharing, Storage and Retention

We do not share the personal data provided for this quiz with anyone. Once we've established the art direction of your future custom-made piece, all this info will be deleted, except you suggest we don't. 


Design information & copyright: Very important!


Your custom-made orders are unique pieces. Their design will not be shared with third parties and/or duplicated, unless commonly agreed on. Also, agreeing to these terms you will not be able to replicate the design elsewhere.




Children under 18 of age should not use this service. 

More info on our privacy policies here and regarding shipping and returns here


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