This is the place where you can experience the magic of co-designing jewellery. Is it your first time?

Great, you will love it. Are you already familiar with it? Also great, it means we had a good time creating together.

If you're new, here are some steps you might want to know about. Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or still wondering, you can get expert advice from our style consultant or the designer herself. We can chat, write or even video call on Whatsapp if you like. Then, we will work together on customising whatever you had in mind, turning it into calligraphic letters, rings, or handcrafted pendants. 

You also have the option to fill in the [personality] Quiz we prepared for you. It's fun and helps you know yourself better, and us understand what your personality needs. Once this step is completed, you can book an online meeting with the designer and create your piece together.


Once the order is placed, and  please keep in mind all the terms and conditions specified in the Terms section, we will start producing it. If you opt in for keeping up with the process, we will update you with the status of your piece.  A few days later you will receive a sketch which after your approval will be sent to our jewellery magicians. After the specific production time we will ship it to you and hopefully you will be thrilled. 


We treasure our collaborators and the way they work. They do such a great job, and that  takes time and a lot of knowledge. For example, our goldsmith partners live and work in Romania. They manufacture from scratch - recycling metal, melting fresh materials, reshaping, cutting, finishing and diamond research. They ship it to us as soon as possible, we check it here and then ship it to you. If you'd like to know more details regarding designing and manufacturing, please contact us directly. We'll be happy to provide them to you.

Wanna know more about jewellery making, or simply chat with other customers?