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Please take a moment to read our Community policy, which sets out our terms for your use of it. They provide information about using the Community in a way that is respectful and lawful. Using, or submitting material to, the Community means you agree that have read, understood, accept these rules.

We strongly recommend you to familiarise yourself with these terms and conditions before engaging in the Community. 




We aim to create a space where the users of our Community can express themselves and share content via the SD Community in accordance with these terms. To help us do that, we try to monitor the SD Community during business hours (11am-18pm CET, Monday to Friday, excluding several public holidays). We try to check out all submissions and to make sure they comply with our acceptable use standards described below:

In the case an individual makes use of the Community disregarding these Rules, we reserve the right to remove, and to suspend or change the conditions of their access to the SD Community without prior warning. We also reserve the right to bring legal proceedings against any individual for a breach of the Rules, or take such other action as we reasonably deem appropriate.

We don’t take any responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of the SD Community by any person in contravention of these Rules. We can try to moderate the Community, but we are not legally responsible for the content posted by the participants and we may stop, or suspend, the Community at any time.

  • The content published by any participant within our Community express the views of the participant and may not reflect the views of Skin Deep.

  • Any style advice, design or manufacturing information posted to the Community should not be taken for granted, as it may be false or incorrect. It is up to the users to double check the information with us.


Our community is addressed to participants 18 years of age or older. Children under the age of 18 can use our platform only with permission from their parent or guardian.



Our aim is to offer an open and respectful space and in order to do that, we are kindly asking you to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • avoid out of context quoting, and always add credits and/or the source of the content

  • use a non-aggressive, non-inflammatory language 

  • make sure you don’t promote defamation, illegal actions, obscenity, offence, hate and abuse of any sort

  • don’t use threats

  • don’t invade anyone’s privacy

  • don’t expose anyone’s privacy

  • don’t use discriminatory language on any of the grounds: race, gender, religion and beliefs, nationality, disabilities, sexual orientation, or age

  • do not copy any of the original content displayed here (intellectual property rights, design right, database right, patents or any other right in general)

  • make sure to use a peaceful language, avoiding even the slightest form of harassment, 

  • don’t alarm or cause distress to any other person

  • do not use any forms of instigation to unlawful and/or criminal actions which could harm the other participants/individuals in our community

  • mislead other participants into believing your content originated from us, if that is not the case

  • do not impersonate or misrepresent anyone

  • do not contain any advertising

  • make sure your content is agreement with our standards and does not violate any of the rules specified before



We reserve the right to disclose your identity to any third party who claims your content is harming or violating their privacy or intellectual property rights.

We don’t take any responsibility for accuracy of the content posted by you or any other user of our platform.

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